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Great News Inside!

Remember how whenever a comic would end it would always have ‘Great News Inside’ splashed across the cover, only to tell you the comic was ending that week? Well, sadly today marks my last day as a full time cartoonist. I’ll still be drawing and writing in my spare time, but just not as a career.

This last ten months has been a blast and I’ve been given the opportunity to do some amazing things and work with some amazing artists. A childhood dream came true when I was allowed to draw Minnie The Minx in the mini strips How To Train Your Parents and Breaking Dad, as well as writing for Nigel Parkinson’s Minnie in The Beano Summer Special.



I was apprehensive when first asked to write both Little Plum and The Nibblers, as I wasn’t that familiar with the characters, but the inimitable Hunt Emerson (who draws both strips) is an amazing artist whose ability to take my stories to another level with his fantastic artwork has been both a jaw-dropping joy and a privilege to see. The talented swine!


When I was offered the chance to write the iconic Gnasher & Gnipper I very nearly gnashed the Editor’s hand off, I’ve been writing most of the Gnasher strips for the past seven months for Beano legend Barrie Appleby. Seeing Barrie draw my scripts is like hearing The Beatles perform a song you’ve written.

Gnashed bits

Other highlights include writing Bash Street Kids for the legendary Dave Sutherland, Bea for Nigel Parkinson, a Grinch parody for the infuriatingly talented Laura Howell, as well as drawing puzzles featuring my all time favourite characters: Calamity James, Billy Whizz, Les Pretend, and Pup Parade.


I also got to bring back Gnasher’s kids, Dennis’ pet spider Dasher, Walter’s pet poodle Foo Foo, make more obscure references to films than you could possibly imagine, draw Alex Matthews’ Nuke Noodle clothes-lining zombies, kill Jedward and – amazingly – bring The Dandy back from the dead…


Next year you’ll read some of my writing in both The Beano & The Dandy Annual, which is easily the career highlight of any Beano artist or writer, but If I had to pick a current highlight, this would be it: Hunt Emerson’s Little Plum in my script of ‘The Guffalo’.



So, as I return to a ‘real job’, I just want to say thank you to Craig, Mich, John & Mark at The Beano for all the work and help they’ve given me, to Steve Beckett, Wayne Thompson, Hunt Emerson and Lew Stringer for all their advice and support and to all the readers who’ve read my work over the past ten months.

And finally, to Sarah Trinder & Andy Fanton, without whom none of this would have happened.

See you in the funny pages and remember – everyone we know loves The Beano!



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Puzzle Page Of Horrors.

Last Halloween I pitched a mini-strip called ‘Horrornation Street’, not an original idea – I think a similar strip was in Shiver & Shake – but I thought it was a funny idea nonetheless.  The Beano asked me to turn it into a puzzle instead, which I did.

It was never printed, and since it contains Ken Barlow I doubt it ever will be – so here it is in it’s entirety for the first time!


Unfortunately I was going to miss the deadline for completion. A communications cock-up meant finished it anyway, the day after it went to print. My own fault, but that’s a lesson I won’t need to learn twice!

Anyway, the page was handed over to the legendary Lew Stringer (of Combat Colin, Brickman, Pathetic Sharks and Robocapers fame). He mentions it on his blog here.

It was amazing to see my (sort of) idea drawn by another artist, especially Lew Stringer, who I had been a fan of since first reading Combat Colin in Action Force comic back in the late 80s then moving on to Viz‘s  Felix And His Amazing Underpants and the aforementioned Pathetic Sharks in the early 90s.

I finally wrote a bit of a fan letter to Lew recently.  He told me he was working on a new Pathetic Sharks for Viz and that even though he’d been in the business for over 30 years, he still considers himself a newbie compared to the ‘proper’ artists he grew up with.

Something tells me I’ll be feeling the same way if I’m still drawing in 30 years.



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